During 2014 – 2015 R.E.A.D. supported a wide-range of literacy efforts with its time, talent and financial resources.  The following services were provided to citizens ranging from school-age children to senior citizens:

Quality personal dictionary for every 3rd grader

 Quality personal thesaurus for every 8th grader

 Versa Tiles Reading Program for 6th grade low level readers

 Three $1000 scholarships to GED graduates pursuing post-secondary education

 Three $1,000 scholarships to 2015 Dawson County High School graduates pursuing post-secondary education

 Personal Dictionaries and Thesauruses to students at the Dawson County Adult Education Center and at the Dawson County Detention Center

 Instruction to adults in Reading, Writing and Language Arts (This includes instruction in Reading to students who are not interested in obtaining a GED but want to be able to read better)

 GED Testing Fees for students at the Dawson County Adult Education Center and Dawsonville Detention. 

 R.E.A.D. also provides GED study guides and materials for the Adult Education Center as well as equipment when needed.  READ sponsors a thank you dinner for all the volunteer teachers and tutors and a celebration dinner for all GED graduates and their families. 

As a participant in the Georgia Certified Literate Community Program, we are trying to reach our goal of serving 1,638 residents so Dawson County will become certified.  We have reached 78% of this goal. This will encourage business to develop in Dawson County knowing we have a literate work force available to them.

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To work as a collaborative organization with community, government, schools, and business leaders to coordinate, promote and advocate for families who do not possess the literacy skills necessary to achieve their full potential.

It's a GREAT Time to be a part of READ Dawson.

Mike Ziegenbalg, Chairman
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Dennette Bender
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